Welcome to the Genesis of Luxury.

An innovative new brand invites you to start your discovery now.

What’s coming next?


A full line on a new platform

Expect a full line of exceptional vehicles.

All-wheel drive platforms unique to Genesis. Designed to deliver premium driving dynamics.



stay tuned

How about safety?


World-class Safety


World-class safety technology is standard.

Driver Attention Alert and other advanced safety features are included, so getting the car you want is easier and more straightforward.

What else sets Genesis apart from the rest?


We’re creating a human-centred brand.


We’re creating a human-centred brand.

Our approach represents an intensely personal journey that anticipates needs and desires to deliver an incomparable driving experience, tailored to you.

Who’s behind this?


A new perspective on luxury

The design identity of all Genesis models is Athletic Elegance.

“Imagine the moment an archer draws his bow and focuses on the target. In that moment, we sense the perfect balance of power, poise and potential.”
Peter Schreyer
Global Design Strategy

When is this happening?


Get involved early.


Luxury advanced into a new era.

Genesis is the next level of luxury, representing a pinnacle of design that blends unparalleled craftsmanship with unprecedented innovation. Now, excitement and momentum are building. Sign up for more details as they become available.

Where can I experience Genesis vehicles?


Questions & Answers

  • When can I drive a new Genesis?

    The Genesis G90 and G80 models will arrive during the Fall of 2016.

  • What is the most unique aspect of the Genesis experience?

    We think that people who will be drawn to the Genesis experience place a high value on personal attention and the highest levels of convenience.

  • Can I pre-order the Genesis G90?

    Details will be available soon

  • What new models does Genesis anticipate creating in the future?

    Several models are currently in development. At this time, these models will include a sport coupe and smaller sedan than the G80, plus two new SUVs. All of these vehicles will be built on premium RWD and AWD platforms unique to Genesis.

  • Where can I find a Genesis showroom?

    Details will be available soon

  • Where can I find more information?

    You could check back to this site for updates. Even better, if you provide us your email address, Genesis will send you information, invitations, updates and content as we move forward.